LSS employs a unique translate-edit-proofread-review work plan to ensure maximum quality of all translation projects.

In this work plan, one translator prepares the source to target translation and a separate proofreader performs a source language edit using the original material as reference.  After the proofreader does a final check for accuracy and correctness, a qualified subject matter expert ensures quality and technical accuracy before returning the finalized translation to the LSS project manager.

Our unique approach focuses on the following key service points:

   Comprehensive workflow plan that guarantees tasks are identified and put into production rapidly

   Translation team oversight to ensure that each task is completed within required timeline

   A roster of qualified and experienced translators, including over 10,000 individual language specialists

   Scalable team approach, allowing teams of qualified translators and SMEs to be added quickly

   Project managers experienced in the provision of language services to government and industry

   Maintenance of terminology databases to ensure consistent and accurate certified translations

   Quality control processes to ensure that work product meets and exceeds the quality standards per  ISO-9001.


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