LSS offers accurate and timely language solutions to legal and judicial communities worldwide.  Our language professionals possess subject matter expertise to precisely convey verbal or written messages and fulfill strict accuracy requirements.  

A conversation between an English-speaking lawyer and,for example, a Pashto-speaking client must be interpreted by a subject matter expert with a legal background and expertise. There is no other way to do it. Subsequently, we meticulously screen and vet each professional to ensure they meet or exceed client specifications. 

We offer legal communities...

  • Document translation
  • Telephonic, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
  • Transcription
  • Court reporting
  • Title III monitoring
  • Expert witness
  • Cultural training
  • Language Instruction

Quality & Confidentiality:
LSS has a solid reputation providing high quality and confidential language solutions. Our legal experts have decades of experience servicing the legal, judicial, and law enforcement communities worldwide giving LSS a competitive edge in the industry. Additionally, some of our legal experts possess US Government Security Clearances enabling us to service sensitive and highly confidential material. The consistent production of high quality, on-time work is our clients’ and our staff’s priority.

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