LSS interpretation services are designed to provide clients with clear, concise, and timely interpretations, utilizing the most qualified and experienced interpreters in the industry.

We provide a full array of interpretation services including consecutive, simultaneous, online (live streaming), telephone, whispered, liaison, escort and relay.  Our interpreters have experience in a wide range of industries, which enables us to be selective without comprising cultural differences. 

We provide highly skilled simultaneous and consecutive interpreters and interpreting equipment for events such as:

  • Conferences
  • Negotiations
  • One-on-One meetings
  • Medical
  • Media
  • Military
  • Judicial
  • Government

LSS’ customized interpreting equipment includes:

  • Digital and analog microphones (lapel, boom, and parliamentarian)
  • Digital simultaneous interpretation transmitters and receivers (wired and wireless)
  • Soundproof interpretation booths, cabins, and tabletops
  • Intercoms
  • Recording devices


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