Language Service Solutions provides a comprehensive list of language capabilities to support the United States Government in meeting their domestic and global language goals.   LSS offers a network of language professionals, some with security clearance, to ensure all government tasks are accomplished with accuracy and sensitivity.

The key benefits the government receives from Language Service Solutions include:

  A database of over 10,000 US-based translators, interpreters, instructors, and foreign language consultants, with foreign language capabilities in over 200 common, rare and exotic languages

 24 hour, 7 day a week management support

  Ability to meet high volume or last minute surge requests

  Translators, interpreters, instructors, and foreign language consultants with security clearances

  High level of confidentiality to handle sensitive material/cases

 Our menu of language services to the government includes:

  •   On and off site program and project management
  •   Document, electronic file, and media translation
  •   Audio and video translation and transcription
  •   Document and media exploitation
  •   Language analysis
  •   Interpreters in over 200 languages and dialects
  •   Foreign Language training and instruction
  •   Cultural training
  •   American Sign Language
  •   Expert Role Players


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