Films & Documentaries

Whether you need a Spanish voiceover for your documentary, or Japanese subtitles for your international film release, we provide highly experienced voiceover specialists, subtitlers, and translators to assist studios and producers meet their foreign language needs.  We utilize top recording studios and state of the art equipment to ensure our voiceovers and subtitling services meet the quality standards of our clients.   Our database of over 500 voiceover specialists and 10,000 translators can assist you in meeting short turnarounds and last minute cinematic needs. 

We provide experts in these areas:

  • Pre-Production                                       
  • Field work                              
  • Press Conferences                              
  • Scripts                                    
  • Transcription
  • Film festival/ Showcases                      
  • Development                         
  • Interviews
  • Sales and distribution                            
  • Dubbing                  
  • Production/ Film premieres
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • News Coverage                                      
  • Film Distributions

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